McPhaul Bridge

The Bridge To Nowhere
Once the longest suspension bridge in the state at almost 800 ft. in length, the McPhaul Bridge was initially built in 1929 for motorists to cross the Gila River when traveling to or from Quartzite. However, after almost 40 years of service it was deemed unsafe for the heavier modern-style traffic to cross. When a dam was built upstream in 1968 diverting the river, the highway route was changed and traffic had to cross a smaller bridge which was later destroyed in a 1993 flood.

Today you can still visit the McPhaul Bridge though it is closed to any kind of traffic. It was named in honor of Henry Harrison McPhaul who was a former guard at the Yuma Territorial Prison, and known for being the only local to become an Arizona Ranger. Located about a 15 minute drive from the Coronado Motor Hotel, the bridge is just off US Highway 95 (take Exit 12 off of Interstate 8).

Online Jigsaw Puzzle of Yuma’s Bridge To Nowhere!
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